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Therefore through GRUSPLA, you can get: Related information on products, services and prices, such information being merely informative, and not a contractual offer. GRUSPLA employs all his diligence in checking the correctness of the data provided by the owners, but is not responsible for the veracity, which are the sole responsibility of the same, as well as data, drawings, photographs, and other images elements they used to market the property through our website, and is therefore solely responsible for any damages that may arise with third parties. In any case, GRUSPLA not guarantee the reliability of such data, and that they may be subject to some type of error. GRUSPLA not responsible for the existence of liens, surveys and any other loads that may be affects the properties included in the website. GRUSPLA reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel access to the contents of your Web when deemed appropriate and is not responsible for any discrepancies that may arise between the version of your printed documents and the electronic version of the same. GRUSPLA, without prior authorization, Reproduction, copying, use, distribution, marketing or any activity that can be done with the contents of its website.